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PRAY FOR RAIN | Available on DVD July 18

Available on DVD July 18

A movie ripped from today’s headlines…

Hollywood, CA (June 27, 2017): PRAY FOR RAIN is a suspense thriller set in the drought ridden lands of Central Valley California.

When Emma, a young New York journalist returns to Bella Canejo for her father’s funeral, she quickly begins to suspect that his death was not an accident. But it may have been murder. She and childhood friend Nico, the town Sheriff, begin to carefully investigate the ever-mounting number of suspects.

Competing farmers are fueled by desperation, hunger and poverty. Local gangs run fast and loose, terrorizing the community. Environmental activists are believed to blow up a tracker or two for their cause. And politicians and land grabbers are fueled by greed.

With every new clue Emma’s life becomes more and more threatened. Her desire to uncover the truth spurs her on. At the end she finds much more than she was looking for: courage, healing, peace of mind, and her life’s true purpose.”

Starring Jane Seymour, Annabelle Stephenson, Nicholas Gonzalez, Paul Rodriguez, John Ducey and James Morrison. Pray For Rain is a Forrest Films and ESX Entertainment production.

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