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About our Screenings works with studios, promoters and agencies to promote major motion pictures before they open. Our goal is to create a viral and word of mouth buzz for these great films. Often screening locations and dates are not finalized until a week before the movie opens. We try to post our screenings with as much advance notice as possible, but this is not an exact science. We then contact you via email with a screening date, time and information.

So how can you improve your chances of seeing a free screening?

If you win, arrive early– we say this on every RSVP, yet always have people show up 15 minutes before the show and the theater is full. People often start lining up an hour to an hour and a half and we’ve even seen earlier for major releases.

Don’t get greedy– multiple emails don’t help your chance of winning. We have an actual person that reviews every email that comes in and selects every other email. We like to keep our crowd fresh and watch the emails and faces at the screenings.

Be Cool– we want to have a full house for the screenings. So if you get in and the only tickets are in the front row, smile and be happy. It’s free.

FAQ’s Frequently asked questions

I’m media and want to review the film– that is great, but we have our own dedicated reviewers that write for us. We recommend you contact the studios and agencies directly and get press passes.

Why didn’t you guys email me– You may have not been selected, you may have responded too late. The screening may have even been cancelled. Also see all of the above.