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By Jose Jara

BY: Daniel Guzman


The time for summer blockbusters is here! Godzilla: King Of The Monsters has arrived at your local cinema and is roaring for the chance at taking the title as #1 in the box office this opening weekend. You would think that after thirty something Godzilla movies made this sequel would easily dethrone any previous monster film in bigness. You’d think. Unfortunately, Godzilla: King Of The Monsters, is a snooze fest with too many cliché lines, too many pointless mind numbing human scenes, and just not enough monster action.

I recall viewing the trailer the first-time a few months ago. I remember I was excited about this film. I looked forward to seeing Ken Wantanabe (Last Samurai) as well as the newcomer Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things) . With dependable Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights) never boring Vera Farmiga (Up in the air) rounding out the cast there was a lot to look forward to. Not to mention the all star roster of monsters; Mothra, Godira, and the king himself – Godzilla! Unfortunately, none these players are worth the price of admission.

None of the humans are given anything to do. Half the running time is devoted to the delivering long winded, stilted speeches about there terrible ideas for dealing with all the monster carnage. I know what you’re thinking, who goes to a Godzilla movie for the humans. No one right? Too bad the monsters aren’t much better. Sorry for the tangent, but is CGI somehow getting worse? Judging by the fix here I’d say yes. Fuzzy incomprehensible scenes edited to death with quick cuts and incoherent action make for dizzyingly dull experience. Godzilla may be at the top of the food chain this weekend in theaters everywhere, but it will be a fading memory to theater goers within a couple weeks.