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By Jose Jara

By:Daniel Guzman

Every Popcorn Crunch Can Be Heard During This Movie!

By now, many of you have probably heard of the box office success John Krasinski has had with his new film, A Quiet Place. Written, directed, and starring Krasinski you would think he had a lot riding on this film. Lucky for him, Krasinski took some of the load off by casting a perfect spouse for himself in the film, his own wife. Emily Blunt and John Krasinski show that they are not only compatible off screen, but on screen as well.

This American sci-fi horror was as thrilling as it gets when it comes to a film that can have you on pins and needles throughout. The story is about the Abbott family who are trying to survive after the world has been taken over by monsters that hunt you by sound alone. Early on we find out that the Abbott’s eldest child Regan, played by actress Millicent Simmonds, is deaf in the movie, as well as in real life. This casts a peculiar problem for the dilemma taking place in which almost any loud enough sound you make can cost you your life. We are led early on to see how this family has manages to maintain alive despite various family obstacles.

Most of the film is uncomfortably silent with a little bit of musical score to ease the awkwardness for the lack of audible dialogue. There were many times in the film where my very own breathing, or some audience member’s cough or sneeze could be heard like a bullhorn compared to the deafening silence coming off the screen. I was so engulfed in the film that I wanted to be as quiet as possible to not give the Abbott’s location up. The monsters alone looked like a mutation that was second cousins with the Stranger Things’ monster, the Demogorgon, but with a very funky ear canal. The cast is a small bunch, only 7 characters, but Krasinski’s casting was spot with every one of them. Noah Jupe who plays the son, Marcus Abbott, was a perfect pairing as a sibling alongside his sister, Regan. John Krasinski plays Lee Abbott, the head of the household who is trying to protect his family no matter what the cost. Emily Blunt plays Evelyn and does such an amazing job at showing her misery, pain, and fear without a word being said. Every cast member worked well together in giving each other communication that felt familial even without able to say the words out loud.

Much of this film gave me the enjoyment that I received from one of my favorite sci-fi thrillers, M. Night Shyamalans’, Signs. Once you watch A Quiet Place, try and capture the similarities that it has with the film Signs, such as certain suspenseful location shots, the family tension that is at play between father and child, and the climactic buildup of confronting a monster and realizing how to defeat it. This film delivers at executing every emotion it wants you to feel. During a fright filled quiet ninety-one minutes, you are trying to stay very still, make as little sound as possible, and go along with this tension filled crowd pleaser.