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By Jose Jara

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So What is Ragnarok? Is Ragnarok a Marvel comic villain I completely disregarded while flipping through my treasured marvel comic cards as a kid? The answer is no. Those who will find themselves in the theater this week will come to discover that Ragnarok is a prophetic story of the end. “The end of what,” you may ask. The end of Thor’s planet, Asgard. Not a lot sympathy on my end for this fictional planet of Greek style Gods and a rainbow colored walkway that acts as the CTA transfer to other planets in other universes. Even with an apocalyptic premonition of doom looming in the title of this superhero tale, Thor: Ragnarok  takes a page right out of Guardians of the Galaxy and serves up huge doses of comedy with a side of action sequences for your viewing palate.

Director Taika Waititi puts Thor and the ever exhausted movie churning machine of Marvel Studios back to our universe in a fun and wacky way. I’ve personally grown a little worn out of these year after year superhero major box office take overs. I’ve been accustomed to taking in a story with some depth & complexity from its characters, as well as a finality and closure by the end of the movie. Marvel Studios doesn’t agree with me as it is not trying to wrap it up and give a final curtain call to any of their central lead Avengers characters: Spider Man, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, and Thor. I say this to try and give you a sense of the lack of enthusiasm I had while heading to see Thor: Ragnarok, knowing that by the closing credits Thor will more than likely end up victorious & unscathed; villains defeated at least until the next year when another installment comes out. Knowing my Debbie Downer approach to this movie, Thor: Ragnarok needed to deliver something pretty enjoyable for me to come out of that seat pleased if the outcome I already imagined would come to fruition, and still have me satisfied with what I just saw. Damn you, Director Waititi! You made me have fun at the movies.

Chris Hemsworth has proven himself in other reputable films to be a decent actor, but he was molded specifically for the role of Thor. His humor is perfectly timed in this film, and his action scenes seem like second nature to his persona. Tom Hiddleston as Loki continues to be a fun antagonistic pairing alongside Thor as their comedic sibling rivalry is in full force throughout the film. Cate Blanchett who plays the lead villain Hela, brings as much life to her character as she could despite most of her scenes being flooded with green screen. Jeff Goldblum plays the Grandmaster of the planet in which Thor finds himself imprisoned and forced to be a gladiator. Jeff Goldblum performs his character with a fun ease to it that it made me believe this is how Jeff Goldblum parties when he’s at home with guests. Last but not least, Hulk is a big component of this movie, as many of you know. Hulk’s scenes were a little too cheesy for my taste, but what can you expect from a big cgi green monster. Mark Ruffalo does his thing as Eric Banner, but the film places more weight on Hulk’s stage presence than the little man hiding inside of him.

I was going to give you a synopsis to this movie, but there’s no need. If you like superhero films with good soundtrack music, comedy infused with action, the possibility of a fictional planet’s demise with the promise of many more films to come, throw sense out of the door, kickback, and enjoy Thor: Ragnarok.