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GET OUT | Review

By Jose Jara

Without a doubt, go see GET OUT!
By: Daniel Guzman

For those who know of Jordan Peele’s work, you may recall watching him along side his friend and collaborator, Keegan Michael Key, in their hilarious Comedy Central sketch series, Key & Peele. In the movie Get Out, Peele not only directed, but also wrote this suspense horror flick that is sure to show audiences everywhere how scary funny he could be. Get Out successfully creates a nail biting, socially awkward, jump out of your chair experience that doesn’t disappoint.

The premise of the story is about a young African American named Chris, played by actor Daniel Kaluuya, who is going to visit for the first time his Caucasian (Allison Williams) girlfriend’s parents. Chris is thrust into this suburban town where the only other black people he encounters are those that work as “the help” inside his girlfriend’s family home. Chris quickly realizes that things are really quite off with these worker’s behaviors. The longer he stays inside his girlfriend’s parents home, the more he uncovers that he just stepped into the twilight zone, and it might not be so easy to leave.

I had not watched a single preview of Get Out before going to see it. I knew Daniel Kaluuya was in the film, which made me interested in seeing it after having watched the episode that he starred in from the series “Black Mirror.”  Man, am I glad I didn’t watch anything about this film before having seen it! Every single scene that director Peele executed with the intention to scare the viewer, I was scared. Every funny punch line he delivered, I chuckled. Every awkward race conversation that took place made me want to look away out of embarrassment. In his directorial debut,  Peele delivers every emotion he intends his audience to feel with ease. I will leave you with this, trying not to overhype it and spoiling it for you. Enjoy the flick, now Get Out!