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Must-See Spanish-language Movies Available at No Additional Cost to All Comcast XFinity Customers During Hispanic Heritage Month

By Jose Jara

Must-See Spanish Movies

Must-See Spanish-language Movies Available at No Additional Cost to All Comcast XFinity Customers During Hispanic Heritage Month

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Comcast’s annual Xfinity FreePass Latino gives customers a two week all-access pass, at no additional cost, to discover and re-watch hundreds of Hispanic movies. From September 26 through October 9, 2016 FreePass Latino will be available across all Xfinity platforms including, Xfinity On Demand, and via the Xfinity Go app.

This year, Comcast has partnered with Pantelion Films, Hollywood’s first Latino studio, and will make available several of the most popular movies at no additional cost during the two weeks of FreePass Latino. These titles include the highest-grossing Spanish-language film of all time,  Instructions Not Included; the first Spanish-language animated film to be widely released in the U.S., Un Gallo con Muchos Huevos; Casa de Mi Padre, featuring Gael Garcia Bernal and Will Ferrell; and Ladrones, starring telenovela superstars Fernando Colunga and Eduardo Yañez. And with the recent updates to Comcast’s state-of-the-art set-top box, the X1 platform, consumers can more easily navigate and access these films via the Voice Remote Control. This voice-activated feature allows consumers to simply say phrases in Spanish or English, like “Eugenio Derbez,” “Peliculas Mexicanas” or “Pantelion” and they will be taken to a screen with a list of all the appropriate titles associated with their request.

Don’t miss your chance at catching up with some of Pantelion Films’ best movies during this Hispanic Heritage Month. The following rental titles will be available to watch at no additional cost between September 26 and October 9 during Xfinity’s FreePass Latino. Find them under the “FreePass Tops Picks” folder.


Instructions Not Included

This 2013 import surprised the industry by becoming the highest grossing Spanish-language film in US history. Director/co-writer/co-producer Eugenio Derbez, tells the story of a man ill-prepared to be a father who finds himself in the custody of a daughter he fathered with one of his exes. This movie is filled with heartwarming moments and clever comedic sequences that demonstrate why Derbez is beloved both south and north of the border. To see more titles during FreePass Latino from this admired actor, you can say “Eugenio Derbez” into your X1 Voice Remote.

Title is available between 9/26 and 10/2



In 2007, Fernando Colunga made the jump from telenovela stardom to the big screen in Ladron que Roba a Ladron. He was joined in 2015 by Eduardo Yáñez for this action-comedy sequel about a pair of thieves who plan to retrieve land grants stolen by a lethal and greedy diva from a town of humble and hardworking families.

Title is available between 9/26 and 10/2.


Un Gallo Con Muchos Huevos

Un Gallo Con Muchos Huevos, from Huevocartoon Productions in Mexico, brought lovable characters, risqué humor and family-friendly fun to American theaters in 2015. The film tells the story of a small and ungainly rooster named Toto who dreams of fighting in the cockfights to save his home and family. This movie offers positive messages about teamwork and self-confidence with a star-studded cast that includes Angelica Vale, Bruno Bichir, Omar Chaparro, Ninel Conde and Maite Perroni. FreePass Latino offers this and many more animated films perfect for the younger members of the family. Have this film easily available by adding it to your “favorites” section on your X1 platform.

Title is available between 10/3 and 10/9.


Pulling Strings

Starring Mexican TV’s Jaime Camil and the beautiful Laura Ramsey, Pulling Strings tells the story of a struggling mariachi singer who decides to apply for a U.S. visa but is rejected by an embassy employee with whom he later falls in love. This romantic comedy will make you laugh, cry, and cheer for love to save the day.

Title is available between 10/3 and 10/9.


Cásese Quien Pueda

Starring Martha Higareda, this romantic comedy will take you on a roller coaster of emotions. While being fitted for her wedding gown, a woman learns that her fiancé is cheating on her with her cousin and winds up in the middle of the Mexican jungle after nursing her heartache with alcohol. Cásese Quien Pueda is the ideal movie for the hopeless romantic. You can find this movie by browsing the “Latino” genre.

Title is available between 10/3 and 10/9


Nosotros los Nobles

FreePass Latino is filled with box office hits like Nosotros los Nobles; one of Mexico’s highest grossing films. This “riches to rags” comedy, about a father who decides to fake bankruptcy to teach his spoiled children a lesson about spending money, will keep you laughing from beginning to end.

Title is available between 9/26 and 10/2.


Casa de mi Padre

Comic genius Will Ferrell joins Mexican heavyweights Diego Luna, Gael Garcia Bernal, Genesis Rodriguez in this Spanish-language movie about a family that finds themselves in a war with Mexico’s most feared drug lord. Watch your favorite Will Ferrell moments over and over again wherever you go on your mobile device using the Xfinity Go App.

Title is available between 10/3 and 10/9.


Más Negro que la Noche

Más Negro que la Noche is a remake of the 1975 horror cult classic that became one of Mexico’s most well-known horror films of all time. This 2014 remake became one of the few Spanish-language horror movies to succeed at the U.S. box office. Make it a horror marathon with this and many more titles available by saying “horror movies” into the X1 Voice Control Remote.

Title is available between 9/26 and 10/2.