By Jose Jara

Inspiring Omar Mora chats with LatinoScoop

We decided it’s never the wrong time to find some new latino inspiration to help us keep our heads high. Omar Mora, is our new Latino inspiration for the week. He inspired us when we interviewed him on his new film 30 DAYS WITH MY BROTHER. In our chat with him, he speaks truth about life, his career and the film industry. Mora, is an inspiring Puerto Rican, Latino truly doing what he wants with his life and creating his own path. Starting his career path in medicine to now having his own practice he never lost sight of his true passion, acting and producing. Mora, following his passion began his path in the film industry doing just that, acting and producing. Mora inspires us in the interview speaking of the obstacles he came across in the film industry and in the story told in his new film, 30 DAYS WITH MY BROTHER. We are privileged to have had the chance to speak with a great man about his great work. Omar Mora’s new film, 30 DAYS WITH MY BROTHER opens this weekend at selected AMC Independent theaters.

Catch the trailer for Mora’s film and our full interview with him in the videos below.