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By Jose Jara

No bull, this movie is really good!
By: Daniel Guzman

I’ll be honest with you. This movie was not something I was looking forward to watching. Not for the fact that it was an animated movie that is primarily geared for those with kids, but just for the concept and the setting of the story. I was thinking this movie would be something like the 2006 computer animated comedy, Barnyard: The Original Party Animals, which was all fluff and no heart. Had it not been for the unavoidable task of taking the kids to see a movie they were interested in, I would have passed it up. This would have been a mistake. Ferdinand was able to make my bah humbug attitude disappear, leaving me with having just experienced a film that moved me with its message of peace.

Can I first just mention the irony it is to have the peaceful bull Ferdinand voiced by none other than WWE wrestler, John Cena. Only in the movies, ladies and gentlemen, can you play someone who is nothing like you. Not the fact that John Cena is not a bull, uh doy! Unlike Cena who makes a living entertaining others by fighting,Ferdinand is forcibly thrust into it. Director Carlos Saldanha did an amazing job in telling the story of Ferdinand, a young bull who wants nothing more to life than to smell the roses and be with people he loves. Unfortunately for Ferdinand, the life of the bulls where he resides in are destined either for the chopping block, or the arena to face bull fighters. The bulls in the story are ignorant of knowing the outcome that awaits them in the arena. The bulls think that by being chosen by the bull fighters means a possible way out with a chance at fame. Without giving much away, let me just say that Ferdinand finds himself living the life he always wanted because of a series of unfortunate events. That perfect life gets shattered like a bull in a china shop. Pun intended! Ferdinand finds himself back where he came from with the same impending fatal outcome if he doesn’t leave once again from this place.

The movie is filled with background characters that are a pleasure to watch. My favorite character is Lupe the goat, voiced by Saturday Night Live’s actress Kate McKinnon. Her comic relief is just a blast in the movie, and the whole time I thought I was listening to Ellen Degeneres, given the uncanny similarity that her voice and impressions of Ellen are. Bobby Cannavale plays the antagonistic bull, Valiente, who does a formidable job as the bully who couldn’t help but become one because of his upbringing.

I could go on and on and mention all the intricate little characters that bring this lovely story to life on the screen, but my words will come short of the experience. Don’t be bullheaded like I was going into this film. Watch this lovely animated movie that will lift up your mood and leave you loving Ferdinand. No bull!