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BABY DRIVER | Review by Daniel Guzman

By Jose Jara

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“Baby Driver Delivers a Charismatic Cool Ride,
But Eventually Runs Out of Gas”

By: Daniel Guzman


When I first saw a preview to director Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver I thought to myself, “This movie oozes cool.” The film’s cast consisting of Jon Hamm(Mad Men), Jon Bernthal(Daredevil), Jamie Foxx,  Kevin Spacey, Lily James, and Ansel Elgort as Baby, not only had my curiosity, but in the words of Leonardo Dicaprio, “you now have my attention!” Without further ado, let me give you an insight into the cool and not so cool aspects of this cinematic heist joyride.

The Cool: Edgar Wright knows how to make a good car chase scene! While watching the opening scene in which Baby is behind the wheel, Wright puts his audience inside the getaway vehicle throttling up the audience with the musical score that prepares Baby for a high octane adrenaline chase scene. Watching this scene made me think of the memorable opening car chase in Jason Statham’s Transporter, but this one is delivered with more witty style & groove. The interactions that take place every time after each heist gives way into some fun acting jabs and exchanges between all the heist members. Wright dishes just as much pleasurable enjoyment in these moments as in his action sequences. The music is just as vital to making every scene fun and in setting the mood for what is to come.

Not so Cool: Three quarters into this movie, when I’m about ready to tip the driver for the fun ride I had, the tires pop and this movie runs off the road. Without spoiling what happens, let me just say that I felt like I was watching two different films. One key character is forced to act entirely out of character, and the final action sequence takes on a desperate attempt to spew something worthwhile, but is clearly obvious that Wright ran out of ideas on how to uniquely tie a deserved ending. Wright ends placing an outcome that is cliché and hokey.

Knowing that the finale doesn’t live up to the sum of most of the film is not a reason not to enjoy this at a theater near you. Baby Driver performs on all throttles most of the way home. I  would’ve loved to of seen it top off with a lot more originality for the final act. Sadly, in the end I was left walking home thinking how nice it was most of the way.