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Hola Chola in Chicago!

By Jose Jara

Hola Chola
Chicago Event
Sponsored by Hennessy

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The Hola Chola event was created to celebrate the designs of Susanna Gonzalez Torres (Hola Chola). She is currently on a tour of several cities selling her designs and making exclusive pieces for every respective city. Hush Salon was in attendance painting nails with Mexican themed artwork to tie into the designs of Hola Chola. Streetwise Car Club and Neighborhood Legends brought out some old school lowrider cars to park out in front of the National Museum of Mexican Art, where the event was held. The lowriders were a hit with all consumers and people took pictures all night. The DJ was Freddy Phatz and he played Latinx music and old school jams all night, keeping the dance floor busy for most of the event. The featured drinks were Hennessy x Agua Fresca de Pina, Hennessy x Agua Fresca de Fresa, and everyone’s favorite Hennessy x Horchata. The mixers were juices made at Southside Mexican staple La Michoacana, tying in the Mexican theme all around. Cold Chillen, another Mexican owned company provided all of the graphics for the night including the menus and invites. Susanna made a speech on how Mexican Culture influenced her designs and brought the event to it’s peak explaining how family and travels to Mexico helped her overcome hardships and lead her to her present situation. ‚Äč

#HennessyxHolaChola from @MannyReel on Vimeo.