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LOS COWBOYS Season 2 – Interview with Ivette Saucedo

By Jose Jara

Interview with Ivette Saucedo


With her upbeat energy, Ivette shared with me her story of wanting to be a charreria and her other passions in life. Being a part of “Los Cowboys”, Ivette is able to have the time of life with her childhood friends. She has grown up with Alex and the rest of the charro team in California. From a young age, Ivette was knowledgeable about the charreria sport, which was influenced greatly by her dad who was a charro. There were always horses around her and her sister growing up and the rest is history. Ivette loves everything about charreria, from the detail of the dresses to the coordinated acts that go on. She stated that everything is still authentic and true to the history of charreria, and that is why she is still so passionate about it.

Not only do we get to see Ivette on the screen having a blast with her friends, she tells me that she also has other passions as well. Modeling and acting have also been a part of Ivette’s life from a younger age. She remembers being inspired by Cindy Crawford and told her mom she wants to be just like her. At the age of 12 she signed up for a teen modeling class and her passion only grew from there. Trying to juggle her hobby and passions has been quite the roller-coaster ride her Ivette, but she loves it all. There were times where she would get a casting call for a modeling project but would have a charreria competition at the same time. Having to pick which event she wanted to take part in wasn’t easy, but loving her being charra was always the choice.

Ivette shares with me on this season of Los Cowboys viewers will get and insight to her love life, taking part in the charreria activities, as well as seeing her passions continue to shine through. When asked any advice she would give younger girls watching her on Los Cowboys and looking up to her Ivette stated, “Always fight for your dreams, don’t let anyone underestimate you and never give up.” Catch Ivette and the rest of the charreria team in Los Cowboys Season 2 now in the bilingual digital section,UVideos from Univision!

Reporter: Melanie Lopez


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